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Engaging students.
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Created and supported by educators, Sapling Learning’s instructional online homework drives student success and saves educators time.

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Jumpstart student success with one-on-one educator support and time-saving tools.

The SaplingPlus Advantage

Accessible, mobile-ready e-book

Online homework with targeted feedback

Robust multimedia learning tools

Personal course dashboard

Easy-to-use Gradebook

Engaging e-books for guided learning

Accessible and mobile-friendly, our interactive e-book brings together the resources students need to prepare for your class, working with the textbook you’ve selected. And for most titles, students can now download the e-book to read offline, or to have read aloud to them.

With intuitive navigation, this dynamic e-book includes bookmarks, notes, highlights, and more.

Targeted feedback tailored to individual student responses

With content written by leading subject-matter experts, SaplingPlus homework provides real-time feedback based on specific misconceptions of the problems at hand. Regardless of a student's initial response, SaplingPlus ensures everyone arrives at the correct answer for the right reasons.

Assignments, due dates, and question weights are all customizable to educators' preferences, and the SaplingPlus platform supplies metrics related to attempts taken, time spent on each question, and more—offering immediate insight into class and individual student performance.

Student- and educator-preferred adaptive quizzing

LearningCurve*—our most popular digital tool among students and teachers alike—is adaptive, game-like quizzing that challenges students by focusing on the material with which they need the most help. Students move quickly through mastered content, and when they get a question wrong, built-in feedback provides help and links them to relevant course material for review—and then they get a chance to try again. All LearningCurve questions are tied directly to the course e-book to encourage students to utilize the resources at hand.

LearningCurve supplies classroom analytics to educators through three types of reports: an overview of class performance, a snapshot of all student activity scores, and an individual student topic breakdown. Our overview structure makes it simple to identify areas in which more instructional time is needed, and which concepts are already well-retained.

*only available with select titles

Supporting resources to meet your needs

Videos for teachers and students, textbook-specific Teacher’s Resources Materials, and more are embedded in the SaplingPlus courseware, giving users easy access to all available resources.

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